The sound of Christmas by B&O Play
It's the most wonderful time of the year. As the song says, Christmas is already here. Nobody imagines a Christmas without music, the streets, the windows and houses are filled with Christmas songs. B & O PLAY bets on a Christmas with the best sound and the most elegant and current design. Perfect gifts, whether you are looking for a portable speaker, a speaker for the home or a helmet. The variety of colors of the product ranges of B & O Play, are increased thanks to the limited versions of the Fall / Winter 2017 collection
Beoplay A1- A small portable speaker that connects via Bluetooth. Lightweight and comfortable to carry, ideal for active mothers, the Beoplay A1 is for listening to music as well as for hands-free phone conversations. Its battery life of 24 hours in use, make it the perfect ally for day to day business or leisure. Its palm-less, dome-shaped aluminum design gives it a sleek look, but it also makes it a sturdy speaker. PVP: € 249 Beoplay A2 Active - A portable Bluetooth speaker that weighs only 1.1kg. Resistant to dust and splash and with two straps inspired in nylon (NATO) made of polyamide with a strong strength of resistance. Its True360 omnidirectional sound experience, its Scandinavian aesthetics and its 24h duration, have made it a favorite. PVP: € 399
Beolit 17- The latest addition to the Beolit family, which was first introduced in 1939, redesigned to achieve greater musical quality and more functions thanks to the Beoplay App. PVP: € 499
Beoplay P2- A portable speaker, smart and undoubtedly beautiful that fits perfectly in your purse or pocket. Press twice on the anodized aluminum grille to play or pause the music. Shake to move to the next track. Since you can take it anywhere, you are always ready to amplify your moments with Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, capable of arousing emotions. PVP: € 169
Beoplay H4- With a contemporary look and clean lines, a black edition has been added to the collection. Emphasizing the purity of materials, design and sound, Beoplay H4 offers exceptional quality including lambskin, braided fabric and aluminum; features a minimalist design expression that is undeniably related to the B & O PLAY design heritage and includes the popular Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound technology for a powerful and authentic music experience. PVP: € 299
Beoplay H5- Ideal for those people who like to play the right music at all times. Beoplay H5 has music profiles that allow the user to choose one of the default profiles in the B & O PLAY App, such as working out, walking, listening to podcasts or relaxing. Or simply adjust the tone thanks to the intuitive B & O PLAY Tone Touch interface. PVP: € 249
Beoplay H9- Thanks to its Active Noise Hybrid cancellation, Beoplay H9 has several microphones located on the outside of the helmet as well as inside, it allows to capture the sound before it reaches the ear, producing a reverse signal that effectively cancels the unwanted elements. This allows the Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound to be intact. Its up to 14 hours of music with noise cancellation makes it the perfect companion for long journeys or long trips. Thanks to the Beoplay App, you can adjust the sound of the Beoplay H9 at any time from the mobile. PVP: € 499
Beoplay E4- The new generation of helmets with active noise cancellation (ANC). Designed as a stylish and essential accessory for those who travel long distances in the city, Beoplay E4 brings the power of silence, where and when you need it, while offering the precise and powerful sound quality that everyone expects of a B & O PLAY product. PVP: € 249
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