Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018
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A pagan myth. Nature. Nubian tales and Moorish legends. Distant kingdoms where women exhale grace and regal elegance. Combining this imaginary world with touches of the Elizabethan era and fragments of the extraordinary generosity of Mediterranean civilizations, this season's collection explores the raw materials transcended by an extremely refined know-how. The mixture of African and European cultures reveals a collection of contemporary deities or modern appearances of a cosmopolitan femininity. A praise to handmade work, which transforms ordinary and synthetic materials into natural and ethereal sensuality. Workshop skills infuse poetry into linen, raffia, nylon and plastic bags when sewn with silk, embroidered with Swarovski nacre beads or braided with feathers. Fresh but strong silhouettes play with endless textures. This eclecticism creates a renewed opulence that personifies the quintessence of the style of the house, with subtlety and passion. Clarity and transparency translate the soul of Elsa Schiaparelli's pagan collection and the allegory of the Tree of Life. Elegant flaps of butterfly wings in fil-coupé jacquards, 3D prints, hand-painted motifs, embroidered guipure or chenille with inserted hair. The beetles play with a lace that simulates a spider web while the insects cross the delicate fabrics. A positive spirit seems to come alive in python jackets adorned with padlocks The legendary character Jinns, according to the mythology created from the smokeless fire, illuminates the silk gauze with bright colors. The resplendent heart of a striking pink shocking dress alternates with faint tones such as the sunset on earth, the ocher color of the Savannah, the desert rose or the summer white.