Robert Llimos, the man behind our fifth cover
Vaho blau#1, 2016, olio sobre tela,162 x 130cm
In 2009, on a trip to Brazil, in Fortaleza, Robert went for a walk to be inspired by the landscape that surrounded him; mounds of dunes to the horizon, supported by four trees, a cloudy sky, a spectacular landscape. To his surprise was that half camouflaged by the clouds, there was a UFO. We are already !, he thought: "they really exist, I have them in front of me, I have a notebook and a pencil in my hands, it's my chance, I have a new image!" His senses were absorbing everything that was being presented, he began to draw what you were seeing, lights, lines and the camouflage game of the ship with fog and clouds. With his eyes fixed on the paper, he realized that at his side began to project lights that were surpassing him, they were scanning him; looked at the ship, saw an open window with glass, and inside it were yellow two characters who were watching him, a man and a woman, both with very long necks and a scaly skin, the woman with a headband and a long dress, the man with a coat, granting him an archaic and stately appearance. He thinks it took two or three hours, too long for only ten notes, ten pencil drawings without entering the characters "although I keep his presence very engraved in the memory," he says. When returning to Barcelona, he began to paint quickly and intensely, since he had a exhibition and wanted to introduce this new theme.
The exhibition was organized in the Galería Alejandro Sales under the title Contact, and was inaugurated on October 1, 2009. There were different journalists and one of them; Veronica Soto, the moment she called to thank her for the interview, the conversation was cut short with a few small voices and very sharp breaths, they were not mechanical interference; they had pauses and feelings, but totally incomprehensible, we both agreed that they were thanking us for divulging their existence. This happened in total about five times more, in the period of time that lasted the exhibition. "Everyone asks me why this experience has happened to me, I know it is strange, since for me it still continues to be, but I think that's why I can explain it graphically, it's the moment when they have chosen to be shown in an illustrative way, without sensational, novelistic or cinematic stories that alarm society "Robert comments," Thanks to the different painting techniques he has mastered, he has been able to express in a more precise way an experience that has changed his way of seeing art and life. represented, since there are no photographs of this subject. He believes that interpreting this approach has been a response to sculpture aquatic Miraestels that it has in the port of Barcelona, "is protecting the sea and asking for help looking at the sky. "He has always thought that it would serve to contact the afterlife and finally it has been, hopes that this" big brother "will help us clean this world and make it a better place to live.
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