Onyx 3D Sculptures by Peugeot Design Lab: impossible designs for amazing materials
- The Onyx 3D sculpture collection, developed by the Peugeot Design Lab, bet on the alliance of technological materials with natural elements. A vision that challenges a culture like the current one, in which the ephemeral reigns and throwaway products triumph. - The collection is inspired by the materials and designs of the Onyx concept car, which in 2012 triumphed in the main motor salons of the world thanks to its biodegradable materials, its use of 3D technology and the complexity of its forms. The Peugeot Design Lab, the ultra-design studio of Peugeot, has found in the furniture and decoration the ideal fields to let your creations fly exclusive and always surprising. After creating a volcanic lava sofa and a series of chandeliers in Indonesian banana wood, now it's the turn of the sculptures An open book for Lab engineers who, however, have wanted to continue associating the Onyx collection with such good results previously. And is that Onyx is the name of an innovative concept car that the lion brand presented in 2012 and that marveled at the motor world with its combinations risky materials such as carbon fiber or copper with recycled newspapers in 3D environments. The Onyx sculptures represent a commitment to sustainability and durability in a society eager for news that tires quickly, in a time that is characterized by the reign of the ephemeral and in which the objects to be used and disposed of they have become more than usual elements. Like the rest of the Onyx reflection supports of the Peugeot Design Lab, sculptures take to the limit the benefits and the characteristics of the materials, resulting in surprising and seemingly impossible combinations between technological elements made of carbon, aluminum or fiber glass with more "raw" and natural parts, thanks to the use of stone, wood or crystals. All this, reflection of a philosophy that seeks, above all, to create objects sustainable and timeless through a technology that respects nature and the return to forms and techniques of ancestral craftsmanship. The 7 sculptures created and created by the Peugeot Design Lab explore alliances and combinations between obsidian, concrete, ferrous red jasper and steel, and show that quartz crystals can be combined in harmony with the aluminum, that the palo santo can perfectly merge with surfaces arising from 3D printing or that it is possible to promote intense dialogues between the wood of palm and basalt or between oak and Corian. In its aesthetic diversity and materials, all follow the same principle: the union, with a radical cut, of surfaces of technological and futuristic aspect with zones in which the natural thing is the dominant aspect. Peugeot launched in June 2012 the Peugeot Design Lab, a design studio global brand to the service of external customers. Its main mission is the design of products, services and brand experiences in all sectors of activity alien to the automobile. These sculptures are, each of them, unique, so only they are produced on request and under the materials and measures that the client has.
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