HUNTER propose perfect Christmas gifts
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The British brand bet this Christmas for its Core Collection, a collection that groups its classic waterproofs to create the perfect 'total look' Christmas comes and with it the moment of the year in which the gifts are the undisputed protagonists. That is why HUNTER as every year proposes the most interesting gifts for these approaching Christmas dates. On this occasion, the British brand bets on its Core Collection, a collection that groups its waterproof classics to create the perfect 'look' perfect and totally resistant to the inclement weather of this seasonal period. It is true that Christmas has always been linked to red, gold or silver. Hunter this year aims to turn the palette to daring with yellow, among many others, a color that reminds us of the winters of the North, the idea of classic sailor and, ultimately, the rain. The British brand dresses the most daring of the house with its 'total look' in this powerful color that includes not only the classic water boot, but also presents its textile collection (for men and women) and even the possibility of complementing with their rucksacks or their umbrellas. Let's think for a moment about the perfect coat for the winter rains, those that we can not avoid and that cause us so many headaches when it comes to the look at the beginning of the day. For her Hunter proposes a coat with its classic rubber. It is one of the new icons of the firm, totally waterproof, with a mesh sports lining for comfort and made of polyester fabric with welded seams for a total protection against wind and water. To complement this 'total look' you will also need a fully waterproof gummed leather backpack, made with the characteristic water resistant leather. This popular model has a clip closure, already very common in the complements proposed Hunter, accompanied by a zipper at the top and a mustache at the front, tribute to the water boot. With the coat on and your belongings in the backpack, it's time to put on your shoes. We could not talk about Hunter without mentioning his iconic water boot, the Original Tall Hunter. Presented for the first time in 1956, the Original Tall boot is handmade with twenty-eight pieces and manufactured in the original form for exceptional fit and comfort. These are perfect gifts not only for women, as the British brand increasingly opens its product line focusing squarely on the men of the house. Its waterproof gum for children totally protects from water and is designed in a matt finish really sophisticated. Made of polyester woven with a gummed coating, Hunter's signature features include a flap at the back with the iconic detail of Hunter's mustache and welded seams for total protection against wind and water. In addition, the masculine line inside its Core Collection also possesses complements as its backpacks, its umbrellas and the boots of low cane.
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