Harry Styles for the Fall / Winter Gucci Men's Tailoring campaign 2018-19
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EDITORIALS Gucci launches "Gucci Collectors", the campaign for its Fall-Winter 2018 collection
SHOWS HYMSKI Rangers Collection Traveling to North London, Gucci visits a large British institution for the establishment of its new advertising campaign for Men's Tailoring: the fish and chip shop. Known locally as "chippy" - this is the original English takeout food that first opened in London in 1860. It is a fish and chips restaurant, a traditional place on many British streets and a place where to be able to buy cod, chips and peas. Today, the chippies are decades old and all have a brightly lit counter, tiled walls and white and pastel schemes. The chippy are a meeting point where people gather to stand in line and chat, especially on Friday nights, while they wait for their fish to get cold. It is in this scenario that Gucci presents the young Englishman and musician, Harry Styles. Singer, composer and actor, Styles is portrayed in a variety of Gucci tailored suits, including two suits with a vest (one in mohair wool with a houndstooth pattern in white, red and black with a green checkered blanket on top of the other) with bee mark in ink gray), a dark beige dressing gown used as a coat and dark wool jacket with decorative mohair and embroidered collar detail. You can also see a white wool jacket with NY Yankees logo detail. The style is contemporary, with the suit combined with formal shirts and ties, as well as more casual shirts, loafers, sandals and sneakers. Styles enters one of the famous fry shops where fish and chips are sold with their two pets - a dog and a hen. He asks for food and then begins to share it with the animals, in a narrative sequence that echoes many famous photographs and scenes from British films. TALENT: Harry Styles CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Alessandro Michele ART DIRECTOR: Christopher Simmonds PHOTOGRAPHER / DIRECTOR: Glen Luchford