Gucci Fall-Winter 2018: Cyborg
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EDITORIALS Gucci launches "Gucci Collectors", the campaign for its Fall-Winter 2018 collection
SHOWS HYMSKI Rangers Collection The challenge of disciplinary power is to impose a specific identity on the subject. To carry out this operation, the subject is classified into fixed binary categories such as normal / abnormal with the specific objective of classifying, controlling and regulating it. The regulatory strategies are so attractive that the subject voluntarily chooses to stick to that specific categorization, claiming his position within a certain social structure. In this framework, the regulation of the living body uses the concept of identity as a mechanism of biopolitical control (M. Foucault). Identity, however, is not a natural issue nor a pre-established category that can be imposed through violence. It is not a fixed and immutable data, but rather a social and cultural construction. And, as such, it is the object of choice, adhesion and invention. The identity is, therefore, an unfinished process, always open to new determinations. Being aware of how everything is socially constructed, even of who we are, opens up a new range of possibilities to explore on a performative level. An area of freedom and responsibility in which anyone can become who they really want to be, restoring the importance of social expectations and personal desires. The collection goes further, adopting the form of an authentic Manifesto Cyborg (D.J. Haraway) in which the hybrid is metaphorically praised as a figure that can break with dualism and the dichotomy of identity. The Cyborg, in effect, is a paradoxical creature that combines nature and culture, masculinity and femininity, normality and strangeness, psyche and matter. It contravenes all categorical structure and represents the combination of different identities in continuous evolution. Hybrid and changing identities, built on the basis of the concept of multiple belonging, that transgress normative regulation. The Cyborg Gucci is poshuano: it has eyes in the hands, faun horns, dragon pups and heads with bicephalous tendencies. It is a biologically indefinite and culturally conscious creature. The definitive sign of a mestizo identity in constant transformation. The symbol of an emancipatory possibility through which we can choose to become what we are