Gucci presents the Gucci ArtLab in Florence thenew border of Creativity, Craftmanship and Sustainable Innovation
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Gucci is pleased to present the Gucci ArtLab, its innovative center for industrial crafts and experimentation laboratory in leather and footwear.


Located near the historic headquarters of the company in Casellina and active since the beginning of this year, with an area of ​​more than 37,000 square meters and more than 800 employees, the Gucci ArtLab is an impressive installation that will help bring life to the revolutionary aesthetic of the creative director of the House, Alessandro Michele, through the development of the coveted Gucci products of the future, thus helping to maintain the great commercial impulse of the firm.


In order to meet the demand for Gucci items, which has practically doubled in the last three years, a significant investment has been made in the supply chain, focused on preserving know-how and innovation in the processes of manufacturing, as well as vertical integration and reduction of production times. The opening of this new center of excellence for leather and footwear represents the mainstay of Gucci's new industrial platform.


Marco Bizzarri, president and CEO of Gucci, says that "the presentation of the Gucci ArtLab is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding achievements of the unprecedented journey of Gucci over the past three years, and one of the investments most important industrial plants in our country ».


"It is a testimony of our faith in creativity, craftsmanship, innovation and technology, sustainability and the link with our land. I could not be more grateful to all those who have contributed to make this dream come true, from local and national authorities to Kering, to all our colleagues, who have demonstrated an exceptional vision when incorporating new ideas inspired by best practices. carried out globally in order to further strengthen our leadership ».


«The Gucci ArtLab is the perfect expression of the corporate culture that we have been developing and promoting within the company. It is the tangible expression of a place in which to acquire skills and learn techniques, a workshop in which to create ideas, and ideas are the soul of culture, "concludes Bizzarri.


For the first time in the history of the luxury industry, Gucci ArtLab brings together under the same roof all processes related to leather goods and footwear (which, combined, represent more than 70% of Gucci's total revenues in 2017 ) in order to make the most of it in terms of shared competences and sharing of best practices.


In Gucci ArtLab, the following activities, among others, are carried out:


-Integral development of prototypes and samples of leather goods (handbags, suitcases, small leather goods, belts) and footwear (male / female, elegant / sports)


-R & D laboratories of new materials, metal sconces and packaging


-Laboratory tests (heated chamber and physical and chemical tests)


-Laboratory of complements


-Internal department of lasts and heels


- Bamboo room for the leather goods area


-Pre-industrialization area


Gucci ArtLab has its own experimentation center, in which new processes and technologies are researched, and in which employees work in an integrated manner with their colleagues in the factories and the supply chain.


Currently, Gucci's industrial platform - of which Gucci ArtLab is part - is based on a more dynamic organization and a more agile decision-making process; it also requires a greater emphasis on technical and product knowledge, as well as a more generalized vertical integration and a reduction in production times. Innovation and the sharing of best practices, along with teamwork, creativity and internal commitment, are the subjective values ​​that make up the pillars of the firm's industrial platform.


As announced last year, Gucci confirms that throughout 2018 it will hire 900 people to carry out production functions of footwear and leather goods. Today, the company manufactures a good part (more than 50%) of its leather and footwear products in its own facilities located in Italy. The rest of the manufacturing, and only for certain phases of production, is carried out through a selective network of external suppliers that must undergo a series of inspections and quality controls and social responsibility.


2018 is a key year for Gucci and its legacy to Florence, with the inauguration in January of the Gucci Garden in Piazza Signoria and the process of progressive transformation in which its historic headquarters of Casellina is embarked in order to strengthen its leadership role in the industry.