Gucci presents #GucciHallucination: a limited edition line characterized by the works of Ignasi Monreal
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SHOWS HYMSKI Rangers Collection Ignasi Monreal, the young Spanish artist who is behind the latest advertising campaigns of Gucci, gives shape to the new hoodies and limited edition T-shirts of the House, which will be available exclusively through from the month of April . #GucciHallucination is a line of nine sweatshirts and nine shirts that stand out for the evocative digital works illustrated by Monreal for the Spring Summer 2018 campaign of the House. The different pieces will be displayed on Gucci's social networks accompanied by the hashtag that gives the campaign its name: #GucciHallucination. The limited edition numbers reflect the uniqueness of the pieces: 200 of each t-shirt model and 100 of each sweatshirt design. Each item includes a numbered label (1 of 200, etc.) and will be delivered to the customer in a special packaging adorned with the artist's work. The creative link between Monreal and Alessandro Michele and Gucci dates back to the launch of the first #GucciGram project in 2015. The surreal digital aesthetic created by the artist - a contemporary blend of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and De Chirico - is synergistic with the eclectic vision of the Home. The designs of Monreal for the first #GucciGram - a fortuneteller and a woman of the time - were used as t-shirt prints in the Crucero 2018 collection. Inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, the artist created a campaign for the 2017 Christmas season and its corresponding catalog of gifts. One of the works of this campaign was exhibited in the murals of the firm in Milan and New York to mark the launch of the Gucci Bloom fragrance. Recently, he has created the works of the new Spring Summer 2018 collection and has starred in the ironic video of the campaign, in which he plays the curator of a fictional Gucci gallery. He has also conceived the colorful work that adorns a wall next to the famous Brick Lane in East London, the first of its kind to be premiered in Britain. This new mural, carried out by Urban Vision, European leader in outdoor advertising, portrays a woman sitting on a sofa. It is inspired by the Portrait of the Lady of Garay, by Ignacio Zuloaga and Zabaleta, and in Rapunzel, the German story first published in 1812.